How you can become a Paramedic

Deciding if a career as a Paramedic is right for you can be confusing – where do you start? With this in mind, we’ve developed a guide to answer your questions. There are no prerequisites to enrol courses. Forget what you’ve always believed and let’s focus on your future. If you have the desire to learn and give this a go – we’ll support you all the way and get you to where you want to go.

The guide you are about to download covers the courses you can do, as hints and tips on how to fit study around your lifestyle; and what jobs you can do once you’re qualified.

Study online

We want paramedical training to be within reach of everyone, this is why we have designed the course to be for the most part online. Studying online (with access to our vibrant student forum) is the perfect way to take the next step towards that career you’ve always dreamed of but never knew how to get it. That all changes today…

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As a bonus, we’ll give you the links to paramedical job websites as well as links to every Australian Ambulance Service in the country – so you can get familiar with the many options open to you.