Becoming a Paramedic

From US volunteer to qualified Paramedic – become a qualified paramedic Brian’s story

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Choosing the right pathway to become a Paramedic can often be confusing. Here in Australia, the traditional pathway is to enrol in a 3 year university course and study a Bachelor degree in Paramedic Science. Or like many others who simply want to experience what…

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Queensland Ambulance Service show how to start the day as a Paramedic

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Queensland Ambulance Service – a typical day at the office Queensland Ambiance Service (QAS) show us how they prepare for their first callout at the beginning of a shift. With a fleet of modern vehicles and equipment at their disposal – take a look behind…

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What is a Paramedic and what does a Paramedic do?

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Anyone who has ever seen paramedics at work will confess that there is something extremely admirable about the profession. Observing the way they work so perfectly as a team is enough to inspire awe and admiration even in the hardest of hearts and it really…

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Becoming a Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria: Choose Your Pathway

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Choose Your Pathway to Becoming a Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria

Once the eligibility requirements have been met – Step (A), there are essentially two pathways to becoming a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria. We have detailed these two pathways for you below so that all you need to do is determine which option is best suited to your situation.

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