Entry-level Paramedic/Medic Training

nationally recognised training paramedic course apcollege
nationally recognised training paramedic course apcollege
nationally recognised training paramedic course apcollege
If you’ve ever wanted a career as a paramedic, this qualification will help to get you started.
with the HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care – the entry-level pre-hospital emergency care training course.

Once completed, this nationally recognised qualification means you will be qualified to provide pre-hospital and out-of-hospital emergency health care response, as well as deliver patient assessment to those who require urgent medical attention.

This qualification gives you access to health care jobs in the flourishing private sector. From here you can create a successful and rewarding career as medic, ambulance officer, industrial medic in oil & gas, mining, construction, aviation and maritime.

The Australian Paramedical College is the largest pre-hospital emergency health care training provider in Australia.

As part of your training, we will provide you with information on where to find paramedic jobs online, which companies you should be targeting and why. We will deliver to you, a solid plan to develop your career well into the future.

Becoming familiar with the tasks and responsibilities of a pre-hospital care professional will enhance your learning, give you a head start over others and assist with finding employment.

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More engaged learning

We understand that finding out how to become a paramedic may not be clear. So we created a flexible, learning environment by blending online study with unlimited support from clinical assessors and our in-house student success teams.

This simple method of learning fits in with your current lifestyle, so you don’t have to change everything to get started. We’ve proved this works because hundreds of ordinary people have successfully completed their studies and are now working in the pre-hospital emergency health care sector.

Paramedic Clinical Instructors & Educators

Our instructors are passionate about vocational clinical education and have proven experience working across the ambulance and multidisciplinary private sector paramedic, industrial health and rescue disciplines.

Their focus is applying clinical, education support and mentorship to students, instilling confidence whilst improving their knowledge and ability to applying learnings into practice.

Their experience and skills vary from Advanced Care Paramedic, Clinical Instructor, Rescue Paramedic and an Operations and Training Coordinator, to emergency services and rescue, remote rescue, international paramedic, major incident management and fire rescue.

At a higher education level, our team member have also held lead academic appointments, including Victoria University, University of Tasmania and University of Southern Queensland.

Collectively, our Paramedic Clinical Instructors & Educators hone their paramedic skills regularly by volunteering with private event medical services, the emergency response sector at large and high risk public events.

Clinical Skills Development

Upon completion of this course, you will possess high-level knowledge and skills of a Basic Life Support (BLS) medic.


  • basic airway management
  • an introduction to 4 lead ECG monitoring and automatic defibrillation
  • intramuscular injections
  • oxygen therapies (including nebulised medications)
  • BLS resuscitation
  • basic drug management
  • principles of pharmacology

You will also develop the required skills for primary and secondary patient assessment; and use clinical reasoning to develop treatment plans for ill and injured patients.

Read the course overview here

Clinical Workshops

At the Australian Paramedical College you will be mentally and physically prepared for what lies ahead. To achieve this, your attendance at the 1 week clinical workshop is where you gain the confidence to use equipment and test your critical thinking skills.

Clinical workshops are situated at our paramedic training campuses on the Gold Coast, in New South Wales or in Victoria.

Whilst attending the training campus, your confidence soars as you naturally apply what you’ve learned along the way. We know from experience, after completion of the workshops and scenarios, you will feel more determined than ever to achieve your goal to become a paramedic.


Clinical placement

You are also required to complete 80 hours of clinical placement activities as part of this course. The Australian Paramedical College can assist, as we have existing relationships with paramedical service providers and will regularly advertise these opportunities via the APC Facebook Students Forum.

Clinical placement requirements

Clinical placement does not take place until after a few months study.

When the time comes, here are the basic guidelines;

  • You must hold a current first aid certificate
  • You must have completed all modules of training leading up to Clinical Workshop 1
  • Attended and been deemed competent in all simulated workplace practical demonstrations in Clinical Workshop 1.


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Scope of practice

Drug therapy protocols (DTP’s) covered within the scope of the HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care course includes: Adrenaline (S3), (Auto-Injector/Epi-Pen – Adult/Child), Aspirin (S2) (Oral), Glucagon (S3) (IM), Glucose Gel (US) (Oral), Glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) (S3) (Sublingual), Ibuprofen (S2) (Oral), Methoxyflurane (S4) (INH), Paracetamol (S2) (Oral), Salbutamol (S3) (INH – Puffer & Spacer), Oxygen (US) (NAS, INH)

Course Details

This course is predominantly online and adopts a self-paced study model, although there are set time frames for completion. Consider 12-18 months an average time frame for completion, depending on the time you can allocate to your studies.

Australian Paramedical College intubation 12 lead ecg simulation

Help, support and encouragement

What makes the Australian Paramedical College different from other training providers is the unlimited support you receive from your clinical assessors and student success team.

We will also put you in touch with other students on our private paramedic Facebook group.  Having access to people who share the same ideals, values and goals as you really helps.

You will also receive:

  • Support from an in-house coach to help keep you motivated
  • Time management techniques to keep your study on track
  • Information about our Mental Health for Paramedics program
  • Study tips to get the most out of online learning
  • Self-care tips to maintain high-levels of course progression

Employment Opportunities


  • Basic Life Support Medic (BLS) – sometimes referred to as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Emergency Patient Transport Officer
  • Transport, aviation or maritime medic
  • Industrial medic (mining, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas)
  • Private company medic (Australia and international)
  • Australian defence force medic
  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher (Call Centre)
  • Note: this qualification does not allow you to work a Paramedic for a State Ambulance Service. You need a Bachelor degree for this

We believe that becoming a paramedic should not be exclusive. Regardless of your current educational background, we encourage you to apply.

The HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care qualification has helped hundreds of people who thought they were not smart enough, gain the confidence they needed to step into a pre-hospital emergency medical response role.


Apply now

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  1. Self-book a phone interview with our selection team.
  2. Application to study and interview records reviewed by selection panel.
  3. If successful, a formal offer will be made to study at the College
    [should you be successful at the interview stage approval for minimal weekly payments can be endorsed]
  4. Student acceptance
  5. Confirmation of enrolment

View the core and elective units for the HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care qualification here

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