HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care Units

The Certificate IV is the essential qualification authorising graduates to respond to and treat patients who require urgent medical services in a pre-hospital and out-of-hospital basic health care response and assessment capability.  The provision of urgent clinical care includes providing basic life support procedures to sustain life. The qualification opens up employment opportunities to work in a  variety of private sectors with typical job titles such as ambulance officers, patient transport officers, industrial medics and basic life support medics.

To achieve this qualification, students are required to complete at least 80 hours of supervised clinical placement.

This qualification has been assessed by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The units of competency below can be found on the government website at www.training.gov.au.

  • Total Units = 16
1 BSBMED301 – Interpret and apply medical terminology in the workplace
2 HLTINF001-  Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures
3 HLTAAP002 – Confirm Physical Health Status
4 HLTAMB001 – Follow Procedures for Routine Safe Removal of Patients
5 HLTAMB012 – Communicate in Complex Situations to support Health Care
6 HLTAMB014 – Transport Non-Emergency Patients/Operational Conditions
7 HLTAMB007 – Assess and Deliver Basic Clinical Care
8 HLTWHS002 – Follow Safe Work Practices for Direct Client Care
9 HLTAMB011 – Manage a Routine Non-Emergency
10 HLTAMB013 – Contribute to Managing the Scene of an Emergency
11 CHCCCS020 – Respond to Behaviours of Concern
Workshop = 7 Days + Clinical Placement  = 80 hours
12 CHCPRP003 – Reflect on and improve own professional practice
13 BSBMGT401 – Show Leadership in the Workplace
14 CHCLEG001 – Work Legally and Ethically
15 CHCDIV001 – Work with Diverse People
16 HLTWHS006 – Manage Personal Stressors in the Work Environment

Delivery Method

A mix of online and face-to-face clinical workshops and assessments at training facilities on the Gold Coast, QLD and in  NSW.

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