What does Paramedic registration mean for APC students?

The National Law provides for alternative ways of proving you may be qualified for registration.

At the current time registration will be available to our students if they are able to satisfy the requirements stated in the link below. We have summarised what you need to know further down this page.

Paramedicine Board of Australia – Grandparenting Pathways

Pathway 2 (middle option) in this document is the most relevant pathway for our students, because you hold a qualification and you will have completed supervised practice in the profession.

At the moment the hours are set at 1700 hours of on the job supervised practice.


successfully complete a Board approved competence assessment.

(This provision applies for three years from participation day, which means you have 3 years to be able to demonstrate the 1700 hours)

Communication from the Board on the 27 July stated that they received feedback from practicing private paramedics that some of the aspects of the policy framework could be better explained. The Board will publish further information and resources about supervised practice, how it is defined, who can be a supervisor and the challenges around arranging supervised practice.

We hope the Board can further define supervised practice and clarify what a Board-approved competence assessment looks like.

We are confident that the level of our students who complete our Diploma will hold them in good stead for a competency assessment such as this. We have recently had positive feedback about the high level of knowledge in our graduates.