Paramedic/Medic Training & Careers Quickstart Guide

There are two types of Paramedic/Medics in the pre-hospital emergency health care sector.  On this page you’ll can learn about the different types of medic you can become in the private sector. These positions offer immense opportunities to create a rewarding career in Australian or overseas.

The following career choices are perfect if you are;

  • Curious about how to get a start in the health care sector and need more information
  • Currently working and wish to study in your own time and work towards a nationally recognised health care qualification.
  • Looking for a rewarding and satisfying career in emergency health care but can’t commit to university just yet.
  • Thinking if university studies is the best option to begin working in emergency medicine.
  • Looking for an easier entry into the pre-hospital emergency health care sector to discover if this is something you really want to do.
  • Ready to take on the responsibility of self-education to help you live a better life in the future.

Learn how to Become a Medic in the private sector in just 12-18 months

Paramedic Career Development Planning & Coaching – Is your true purpose to help those who suffer from life-threatening trauma? Let us help you decide whether a career as an emergency medical professional is for you.

Australian Paramedical College

Be part of the most relied upon professions where saving other people’s lives relies on your expert knowledge and decisive action.

Australian Paramedical College

Learn how to become an Event Medic and work in your favourite sports and entertainment sectors.

Australian Paramedical College

Earn $50,000 plus in your first year transporting non-critical patients to and from their home, medical centres and hospitals.

Australian Paramedical College Bachelor Paramedic Science

Discover the training and which degree is required to become a State Ambulance Paramedic.

Australian Paramedical College

Earn the big money in an industry sectors (mining, oil, remote) where travel, location and high salaries are part of the job.

Australian Paramedical College become a paramedic

Download your personal copy of our popular getting started guide to Becoming a Paramedic in Australia.