Paramedic Registration Information Update

This communique focuses on the latest Paramedic Registration information to answer a growing number of questions from APC students about the forthcoming Paramedic registration in Australia; and what this will mean for those studying or holding nationally recognised qualifications.

Watch and listen to a presentation by the newly formed Paramedicine Board November 2017 formed in partnership with  Australian Health Practitioner RegulationAgency (AHPRA).

In the later half of 2018 the paramedic profession became regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). The key function of regulation is to protect the public.

Students are asking what this means for them and their qualifications.  Specific information relating to paramedic registration, including what this will look like in Australia will not be fully available until the Paramedicine Board has moved through the consultation phases, and the draft Bill is passed through Parliament.

In other words it is too soon to speculate about exactly what registration will fully look like.

When registration comes into effect, anyone who uses the title ‘Paramedic’ must be registered with APHRA. Practitioners must not use the title paramedic once the registration date has been set, however they are able to practice using a wide range of other titles, including but not limited to: Medic, Advanced Medic, Emergency Medical Technician.

It is important to remember that APC’s programmes are Nationally Recognised qualifications that are designed by the paramedic industry reference group.  This means that they are a strong qualification to have in order to work in the wide range of paramedic roles in private practice; and are equally strong to prepare students to go on to and succeed at university, for those wishing to work as State Ambulance Paramedics.

In the meantime, we refer you to two resources which you may find useful:

  1. AHPRA – Paramedic Regulation:
  2. COAG Health Council – Health Practitioner Regulation

Excerpt from resource number 2 (COAG):

“AHPRA will manage the implementation of national regulation of paramedics. This will include managing the registration process for paramedics in conjunction with the Paramedicine Board (once it is established). Information about current registration processes for the 14 professions regulated under the national scheme is available on the AHPRA website.

Once the draft Bill is passed and the project moves into the implementation phase, AHPRA will keep paramedics up to date with the work that AHPRA and the Paramedicine Board are doing to prepare the profession for registration and to develop and consult on registration standards. A new website will be created for the Paramedicine Board once the Board is established. A link to the new website will be available from

We hope this provides you with some answers, but in short, it is too early to identify what paramedic registration will look like right now.  It is also worth noting that APC students should understand that during the phases of the unknown they should be cautious about listening to hearsay from the profession which may act to cause unnecessary concern or alarm, as we simply do not possess the full picture yet.

Australian Paramedical College