About the Australian Paramedical College

Australian Paramedical College (APC) employs clinical educators and instructors whom provide the clinical teaching and support for students throughout their course.

Our staff possess years of experience in the paramedical and broader emergency medical services field; and hold both the paramedical and education qualifications, necessary to facilitate the training. A cohort of our trainers and assessors are registered Paramedics with AHPRA and the Paramedicine Board of Australia.

Australian Paramedical College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO No:32513), with three qualifications in the Health (HLT) scope, mapped to the AQF level 3, 4 and 5.

  1. HLT51015- Diploma of Paramedical Science (AQF 5)
  2. HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care (AQF 4)
  3. HLT31115 – Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport (AQF 3)

University Pathways

APC Diploma graduates have previously been credited for multiple subjects within their degree. This often shortens the length of their degree while allowing them to work in the health care industry while they study

The subjects credited differ depending on the courses offered within the degree per university. This can be subject to change as some universities have different entry requirements. We recommend you check with your chosen university.

The below universities offer the Bachelor of Paramedic Science:


APC paramedic trainer

Clinical Lead/Instructor of Paramedical Science

Meet Kristy, who is a registered Paramedic and is responsible for program development as well as being our clinical lead educator.

[Student Comment] “she’s an AMAZING tutor! Have really enjoyed every moment we got to spend with Kristy. Super knowledgeable and great at what she does”

Kristy joined APC in 2017 after holding a senior role in the medical team at the Commonwealth Games, which were held on the Queensland Gold Coast.

Having achieved major milestones in her career, teaching in a rescue and first aid capacity for 20 years, primarily through State Emergency Services (SES); Kirsty’s biggest sense of achievement is to see her students develop, start their careers and be really successful.

Another milestone was her mention in the Australian parliament over her role in the Queensland flood, where Kristy played a major role in delivering medical care to victims.

APC paramedic trainer

Clinical Instructor of Paramedical Science

Meet Jens, who is originally from South Africa, Jens has enjoyed an active career to date and was heavily involved with team building and adventure companies, as well as in surf and sea emergency rescue.

From there, Jens served with a helicopter rescue service as a crew member and rescue swimmer where he quickly developed and honed his sea rescue skills. He did this by getting involved in national sea rescue, where he would perform rescues out at sea.

Back in his home country, Jens would also teach first aid in local communities, some of whom had never even understood the basic principles. This was very important work for Jens, because he saw first-hand how his students actually saved the lives of their fellow community members.

The biggest thrill for Jens, as a trainer and clinical educator at the College is when he is actively training students in the classroom. He can sense how they feel about clinical education, because Jens has also been in their shoes.

It’s is easy for him to relate and make everyone feel at ease.

This creates the perfect learning environment because every student is different – yet Jens has a unique way of connecting with each and every one of them.


APC paramedic trainer

MICK JONES – Paramedic & Clinical Instructor of Paramedical Science

Mick is a casual Clinical Instructor and registered Paramedic with the Australian Paramedical College. After retiring from a distinguished career as a detective in the Police Force, Mick turned his focus to paramedicine. After completing his paramedic training, he gained extensive experience as an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP), clinical instructor, Rescue Paramedic and an Operations and Training Coordinator; working across the ambulance service and multidisciplinary private paramedic sector, industrial health and rescue disciplines.

Through his experiences, Mick has developed and honed his professional and clinical knowledge, skills and judgement in practice. These are key professional ingredients required in applying clinical, education support and mentorship for students of the college.

Mick holds professional and vocational qualifications in paramedicine, industrial health and OHS, mines rescue, security, policing and vocational education.


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