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Paramedic Jobs: Ambulance Transport Attendant – Royal Flying Doctor Service

ambulance transport attendantDo you dream of an exciting career in pre-hospital care? Do you want to challenge yourself in an ever-changing environment? Join a world renowned industry leader – apply now to become an Ambulance Transport Attendant with the Royal Flying Doctor Service!

What the Royal Flying Doctor Service need from you

You will also be required to hold a current Victorian Driver’s License (mandatory) and have the ability to drive in both city and country traffic conditions. A current satisfactory National Police Check and current satisfactory Working with Children Check are required for employment in this industry.

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The role – Ambulance Transport Attendant

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Perform patient assessment, intervention and assess the effectiveness of any intervention in accordance with all RFDS MPC policies and procedures, NEPT regulations and within prescribed scope of practice.
  • Perform independently and problem solve within established policies and procedures as well as work collaboratively with other team members when required.
  • Maintain an understanding of RFDS MPC Policies and procedures and Non-Emergency Patient Transport Regulations to support best practice.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in written and verbal communication when delivering patient hand over to other health care professionals and in patient care records.
  • Maintain contact with the controller of the day through correct radio procedure to ensure staff safety and accurate and timely job allocation.
  • Assume a position of control to direct other staff when you are the senior person, make confident decisions in regard to patient assessment, care and interventions as required prior to patient pick up and during patient transfer.
  • Present and promote a positive and professional image of the RFDS to other health professionals, clients, including patients and the general public.

Find out more

If you would like to enquire about this career path or would like more information about the Royal Flying Doctor Service visit their website.

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Even if you’re not ready to apply for this role straight away, we wanted to show you what it consists of and what is required so you have a goal to work towards. If this is a career path you are serious about, we encourage you to start gaining the mandatory and desirable requirements to give you the best possible chance at landing your dream job! What’s stopping you?!

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