Andrew’s story – Paramedical Student to Mine Site Paramedic

“It was a big decision for me – I wanted to find a reputable college”

Hear how Andrew completed his Diploma with APC, then got a job in the mines as an Emergency Services Officer (ESO) Paramedic/Medic.

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“It was a big decision for me as I wanted to look for a reputable college”

UPDATE: Andrew has continued to develop his career by accepting an offer from London Ambulance Service to move to the UK on a 2 year contract as an Ambulance Paramedic. Find out how you can also follow in Andrew’s footsteps and head over to London to work in a dream job as a Paramedic.

Once I decided that I wanted to work as a Mining Emergency Services Officer I looked online and did plenty of research. It was a big decision for me as I wanted to look for a reputable college.

I decided to study with APC because of their knowledge of the industry and pathways to employment and this was so important for me because it was about finishing with strong work prospects. And Every time I chatted to the staff they were helpful which also helped me to make an informed decision. It just ended up making sense that they were for me.

I felt that I needed a college where I could continue to study while I worked, so this is where the online platform really helped me to do this I initially hesitated, only because I was unsure if it was the right thing for me, but looking back now, I am so glad I got started, because currently I am working in a high paid job in the industry I really wanted to work in.

The training program was interesting and easy to understand and the support from the student success team made learning so much easier.

As I progressed in my course I worked here and there within the industry and gained some valuable experience, I was always applying for jobs while studying, as I was so keen to get out there and use my new skills.

During my course I researched all the potential jobs I could do with my new qualification so I just started applying.

I was eventually successful in applying for a mining eso position and it changed my life. I never thought I would be able to do it but I proved myself wrong and I think it is amazing what you can achieve when you get started and decide to give it a go

Find out more about the Diploma of Paramedical Science

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