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APC Student Speak – Enrolled Nurse Frances Fleming

APC Student Speak – Enrolled Nurse Frances Fleming


Meet our APC student Frances Fleming who worked as an enrolled nurse for over 30 years before starting the Diploma of Paramedical Science.


Frances has more than 30 years of experience as an enrolled nurse (EN), working closely with patients, mostly in general practice.

A close relative encouraged her to explore new opportunities in pre-hospital care, at the other end of the spectrum as a first responder out in the field.

“I originally wanted to do patient transport, but the more I get into it, I think I can do this. Workshop one has been a massive eye-opener. I thought after my nursing experiences, I thought it’d be a breeze but things that nurses do are not things that paramedics do.

“My name is Fran. I’m from Victoria Point in the Brisbane Bay side of Queensland and I’m doing the (HLT51015) Diploma of Paramedical Science.”

(HLT51015) Diploma of Paramedical Science

“I’m doing the diploma after 30 plus years of being an enrolled nurse in all sorts of environments, but mainly general practice.”

“I wanted to get out in the field, and I gained a son in law who’s actually a paramedic, and that’s what sort of spurred me onto it.”

“So, I was constantly working with patients, but now I’m looking forward to actually seeing a different dimension of it. I was wanting to be on the other end of the spectrum and being the first response and being at the start of their episode instead of at the end of it for a change.”

“The facilities are amazing. The equipment is really, really good. The simulated ambulance, the back of the ambulance, you know, where you’re learning to put the stretcher in and out. It’s just amazing.”

“I question myself sometimes and I think, I can’t do this, but now I’m thinking, probably can. I hopefully can.”


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