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APC Student Speak – Simon Webber

APC Student Speak – Simon Webber


Meet our student Simon Webber currently studying the Diploma of Paramedical Science while also working in construction full-time.


Whenever you encounter a new type of challenge, it’s almost always a chance to develop a new set of skills.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy though… and like many of our students, you’re probably working full-time or have a family to take care.

Here we talk with our student Simon Webber about his experience studying paramedical science as well as balancing his heavy work life commitments.

Interview with Simon:

 “I’m Simon, from Newcastle, New South Wales and I’m involved in construction. also work part-time game day with the Newcastle Knights, first response, orange shirt on field. Just a passion for sports medicine, and for assisting.” 

 “I’m currently I’m studying the (HLT41115) Certificate IV in Health Care, and looking to roll into the (HLT51015) Diploma of Paramedical Science.” 

 “The workshops’s really good, being able to develop my skillsets from what I’ve learnt through text, and actually carry out scenarios, it really helps to understand what you’ve studied previously.”

 “The skill sets not only help the Knights, but also help my construction, I’m a director of operations in the construction industry and I want to ensure the safety and welfare of all my workers, and trades that work on our workplace.” 

 “We attend disaster, or natural disasters that happen within Australia, New Zealand for the insurance companies. So, we come in after the disaster has happened and create Make Safes, to ensure the safety and welfare of the people that live within their household. Then we look to repair their homes and bring them back to a normal standard of living.”

 “I do a lot of early morning study work, trying to fit the work/life balance but when you’re committed to carrying out a study like the paramedical science, it’s something that drives me, so I’m not having that much of a problem in trying to achieve what I’m here for.” 

 “I think the end goal is what helps motivate me, knowing that I can make a difference once I’ve got my qualifications and the opportunities that present themselves outside once you’re fully qualified in your diploma level.” 


It’s important to realise that getting out of your comfort zone and improving yourself is not an easy task, and if it were everyone would do it…


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