Getting started

To become a paramedic means many things to many people, such as having a career that makes a difference or being a part of such a rewarding industry.

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Because paramedics are the most respected professionals, there is a fear around learning expectations that prevents most people from finding out more about what’s involved. We understand this and do offer amazing support with learning challenges.

Just because you did not do so well educationally as a young adult, does not mean you can’t become a paramedic.

We believe everyone deserves the best possibility to experience what they are capable of – no matter what. Download this eBook for more information.

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Job Opportunities

Certificate IV level

  • Emergency Medical Technician (BLS)
  • Emergency Patient Transport Officer
  • Transport, aviation or maritime medic
  • Industrial medic (mining, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas)
  • Private company medic (Australia and international)
  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher (Call Centre)

Diploma level

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedic
  • Paramedic in the private sector (construction, manufacturing, hospitality)
  • Paramedic/Medic Industrial. Oil & gas, offshore paramedic, remote mine site.
  • Paramedic support at airports, transport organisations, sea-going vessels, merchant navy etc
  • Emergency Paramedic Officer at airports, transport companies, sea-going vessels, merchant navy etc
  • Emergency Services Medic, State Emergency Services, volunteer rescue, search and rescue
  • Event Medic/Paramedic

Vary Your Learning Schedule

The Australian Paramedical College Clear Pathway Program you get the time you need to learn at your own pace. You’ll receive the full support of paramedic trainers, every step of the way.

The Largest Pre-hospital Training Provider in Australia

The Australian Paramedical College also collaborates with private medical companies, making us the largest pre-hospital emergency care training provider in Australia.

This is a huge advantage over other providers and allows you to launch your new career with absolute confidence.

Delivering Better Paramedics to the Industry

Our support network goes way beyond that of traditional education methods by way of a personalised mentoring and coaching program. The outcomes of this are great, especially when working within the community as you will possess high-level interpersonal skills and become a master communicator.

The Best Training

When you are ready to overcome those emotional and educational barriers and step into a fulfilling career as an Advanced Life Support Medic, we will deliver to you the best training to make that dream a reality.

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