COVID-19, the Second Wave.


With restrictions in Australia easing, the spread of the COVID-19 virus may become unpredictable again. There are some pockets in certain states that appear to be experiencing their second wave, although in reality, it is still the first unpredictable wave. The virus is still around, and it is no less deadly or contagious than it was in early 2020.

History has shown us that the second wave can be deadlier than the first, as shown by the Spanish Flu a century ago.

A ‘second wave’ is often described as a spike in numbers after a period of lower numbers – although there is no formal definition. Some professionals are arguing that the first wave has to have completely ended (zero cases for a sustained period) before they can officially recognise a second wave.


How does a second wave happen?

Lifting lockdown restrictions too fast or too far will likely cause an increase in positive cases of COVID-19, especially in undetected pockets of infection. Usually, it is not a big issue if the clusters are identified quickly and localised actions are taken to stop the spread.

Lockdowns cause massive disruptions everywhere in the world. The key is figuring out how to maintain control of the virus while minimising daily disruptions (with strategies such as contact tracing and the use of face coverings)


How can we prevent it?

Firstly, don’t forget to practice good hand hygiene, always! This shouldn’t ease as restrictions do, it’s a good habit to stay in.

Stay away from large crowds, if you are feeling unwell stay at home, and maintain a 1.5 metre distance from people when in public.

If you feel comfortable wearing a mask in public, even outdoors, you should do so. A recent study from Cambridge University suggests if everyone wore a mask all of the time, it would prevent a second wave from happening.


What we are doing at the College to stop the spread?

Australian Paramedical College has maintained strict standards throughout the pandemic, even when our home state (QLD) was experiencing low numbers of the virus. Our priority is the health and safety of our team, their families and our students.

Our Clinical Workshops are practicing social distancing rules, with reduced numbers, the use of face masks and hand gloves plus easy access to Hand Sanitiser in multiple locations in the college and head office.

Currently (as of July 2020) we are constantly reviewing the government restrictions for Vic and NSW, and due to current lockdown laws, we have no confirmed workshop dates.

What now?

There has never been a greater need for skilled and qualified health care workers. Health care workers are currently receiving the praise they have deserved for many years. If this global pandemic has sparked a desire to help inside you, then we have three qualifications in the Health (HLT) scope:

HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science

HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care

HLT31115 – Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Want to build an amazing career into pre-hospital emergency health care? Are you looking for an easier pathway to learn essential emergency medical skills without going to university?

We can help you to make the best decision based on your circumstances and future goals.

Reach out to us on (07 5520 2522) or tell us a little about yourself by completing a career pathway plan!

To complete the plan and receive your personalised career pathway, all you need to do is answer a few questions about yourself. They’re easy questions to answer, such as how long have you thought about becoming a Paramedic, how much do you know about health care, which areas you’d like help with (learning, communications, computer skills etc).

The information you provide to us is always private and is never shared with another party. Read our privacy policy for more details.

Choose from these qualifications:

HLT31115 – Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport
HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care
HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science

Study online, (we have an app too) and go to clinical workshops to get that hands-on experience.

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