How many Uni credits does the diploma get you?

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APC Diploma to university degree

  • “Central Queensland University will give you 7 subject credits.”
  • “Edith Cowan University (WA) credit 7 subjects with the Diploma.”
  • “I had my credit assessment finished and received 6 Subjects at Charles Sturt Uni and they said it would take off roughly a semester.”
  • “University of Tasmania Conversion program will credit 10 units with the Diploma via the 53C Bachelor of Paramedic Practice”.

The above information was provided by APC graduates. Please check with your chosen university as subject credits can be subject to change. Use this information as a guide only.

APC student success stories

Australian Paramedical College graduates have established new precedents in prehospital emergency health care education using the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science to enter university. More and more universities are recognising the benefits of enrolling APC-trained undergraduates into the Bachelor of Paramedic Science degree program.

The combination of clinical knowledge, practical experience and personal confidence makes APC graduates appealing to universities.

APC undergraduates are well positioned to comfortably manage the demanding university curriculum of lectures, online study, face-to-face scenarios and assessment. They have an innate ability to balance their lifestyle needs with the demands of university study; making their lives more enjoyable and less stressful.

APC graduates who study at university are also taking on the role of supporting and mentoring university students who may have no previous knowledge of paramedic practice. This is something we are truly proud of.

University Pathways

There are 2 pathways to a paramedical degree;

  1. Direct entry into university (3 years full-time study (or 3-6 years part-time); or
  2. VET sector qualification (Diploma) – entry into university.

There are two degree options;

  1. A Bachelor of Paramedic Science; and
  2. A conversion degree for those who hold existing Diploma qualifications and have proven experience working as a medic/ first responder or ‘paramedic’. (see UTAS conversion degree)

Are all universities equal?

Do all universities accept the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedic Science and award credits towards the Bachelor degree?

In a perfect world, universities in Australia would open up their doors to graduates who possess the Diploma of Paramedical Science, however this is not the case.

There has been great debate about how certain universities accept the Diploma and reward students with credits towards the degree; and other universities will not accept or even recognise the Diploma.

This is a cause for concern when the Diploma of Paramedic Science is a Nationally Recognised qualification, regulated by the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA), managed by, underpinned by the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

APC is actively pursuing more and more universities to accept students who possess the HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science, especially when some universities offering the same degree have set a national precedent by awarding credits. Although APC graduates have been accepted by many universities, entry criteria can be subject to change, therefor, information on this page is to be used as a guide only.

Of course, some universities will tell you, their degree program cannot possibly be mapped to VET-level units of competency due to the complexity of the university curriculum – although if other universities can award credits, this seems like a weak argument.

APC is proud to be associated with the following universities who have accepted APC graduates into their degree program;

Degree credits (30% credit awarded on average)

  • CQU = 7
  • ECU (WA) = 7
  • CSU = 6 or 48 credits (graduates must complete 192 credits/points)
    (around 25% of the degree credited)
  • UTAS = 10 (conversion degree)

The above credits are subject to change.

Subject credit details (7-8 subjects awarded on average)

The following lists are examples from three universities who awarded credit points towards the degree (Diploma graduates).

As you can see, the credits focus on skill and knowledge in processes, foundational skills, procedures, theory and the application of oneself in a pre-hospital emergency response  environment.

As a quick reference, the key areas in which APC students can expect to receive credit points are;

  • paramedic practice/science and clinical skills.
  • anatomy (human body systems) and physiology.
  • drug actions; and
  • social, cultural, legal issues, ethical awareness.

Victoria Uni (Bachelor of Paramedicine)
Full degree: 25 subjects
APC Credits: 8  subjects (12 credit points per subject – subject to change)
Subjects credited: 32% (save approximately 1 year/semester)
APC Diploma subject credits
HBM1001 – Anatomy and Physiology 1
HBM1002 – Anatomy and Physiology 2
HFB1110 – Foundations of Professional Paramedic Practice
HFB1112 – Paramedic Clinical Practice 1
HFB1113 – Pre-hospital Ethical and Legal Issues
HFB1207 – Principles of Drug Actions For Health Professionals
HFB1213 – Paramedic Clinical Practice 2
HFB1204 – Australian Health and Social Care Systems and Policy

Central Queensland University (CQU) – Bachelor of Paramedic Science
Full degree: 23 subjects
APC Credits: 7 subjects – (subject to change)
Subjects credited: 30% (save approximately 1 year/semester)
APC Diploma subject credits
BMSC11001 – Human Body Systems 1
BMSC11002 – Human Body Systems 2
PMSC11001 – Foundations of Paramedic Science
PMSC11002 – Foundations of Paramedic Clinical Practice
PMSC11003 – Principles of Paramedic Practice
PMSC12001 – Procedure and Skills in Paramedic Practice
PMSC12002 – Clinical Paramedical Practice 1

Edith Cowan Uni (ECU) – Bachelor of Science (Paramedical Science)
Full degree: 24 subjects (15 points per subject)
APC Credits: 7 subjects – (subject to change)
Subjects credited: 29% (save approximately 1 year/semester)
APC Diploma subject credits
PSP1108 – Clinical Skills for Paramedic Practice 1
PSP2103 – Clinical Skills for Paramedic Practice 2
PSP11008 – Theoretical Skills in Paramedical Practice 1
PSP2110 – Theoretical Skills in Paramedical Practice 2
SCH1101 – Cultural Studies
SCH1106 – Applied Anatomy for Medical Sciences
SCH1143 – Systems Physiology

What Our Students Say

We asked some of our graduates to tell us in their own words about their personal experiences with universities. The information supplied by our students, although accurate at the time, is subject to change. APC recommends contacting your preferred university to enquire about Diploma – degree pathways.

“It (the Diploma) would roughly take off a semester.”

  • “CQU will give you 7 subjects credit, but it’s still 3 years unfortunately.”
  • “ECU credit 7 subjects with the Diploma.”
  • “CSU offers 6 units of credit for the Diploma.”
  • “I had my credit assessment finished and received 6 Subjects at Charles Sturt Uni.”
  • “University of Tasmania Conversion program. 53C Bachelor of Paramedic Practice..10 units……..after Diploma”.
  • “It’s 192 points for the degree at CSU in total. I’m doing distance study with CSU and they said it would take off roughly a semester.

“I received quite a bit of credit.”

  • Emily – “I received quite a bit of credit. I have 6 subjects off and pending 3 more”.
  • Rowan – “Just got accepted into Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie for a Bachelors of Paramedicine. You get 48 credits of RPL for your diploma. It works out to be roughly a semester.”
  • Bec – “It depends entirely on the Uni and how they recognise the diploma and fit the units into their own course structure. Last time it was discussed I think general consensus was that CQU recognised the Diploma significantly more than anywhere else.”
  • Alexandre – “I’m in NSW as well and I know UTAS and CSU both give RPL for the Diploma. I think they take about a year off.”
  • Alan – “ECU credit 7 subjects with the Diploma.”
  • “On my first University placement with QUT and evidently my Diploma from ACP has served me well, with the comments that I am doing better than a lot of third year students. Getting heaps if experience and LOVING IT!”
  • David – “So excited! Finished my Diploma of Paramedical Science in 9 months and just got an Offer to Study a Bachelor of Paramedicine with Charles Sturt Uni.”
  • “I also have the option now of working as a qualified diploma medic while I complete my study, So all in all I’m glad I chose this pathway, I also hadn’t finished school so the diploma helped me in to uni and credits gave me almost a full year off university.”
  • “I know UTAS and CSU both give RPL for the diploma. I think they take about a year off.”
  •  “Bathurst (Charles Sturt) recognises the Diploma and I get heaps units off.”

“That’s a long time off the degree.”

  • “ECU (Western Australia) students have been getting through the graduate entry program rather than SAO (student ambulance officer), and you can get RPL with ECU.”
  • “Yeah as a graduate rather than the usual SAO (student ambulance officer) entry which used to be like the only way in.”
  • “CQU will give you 7 units, but they require you to complete the basic units to be able to go out on prac.”
  • “I also spoke to USQ and QUT and they don’t either. I went to an open day at USQ and spoke to one of the lecturers who said that the way the degree is structured it’s impossible to do RPL. (…nothing is impossible)
  • That’s a long time off the degree, some people out there won’t even know!!

An undergraduate perspective – CSU offers 6 units of credit for the Diploma

“the diploma helped me get into uni.”

“I see people always asking about what university credits they will get from the Diploma, So I just want to share my experience with APC. I had my credit assessment finished and received 6 Subjects at Charles Sturt Uni. In perspective, that’s almost a full year of university but it was done at my leisure, and a good intro back to study.”

“I also have the option now of working as a qualified diploma medic while I complete my study, So all in all I’m glad I chose this pathway, I also hadn’t finished school so the diploma helped me into uni.”, APC student.

University of Tasmania Conversion program

“Anyone who is working in a front line role (medic, mining ESO, ambulance service, on a CTP Poisons Permit) is highly encouraged to go and check out the University of Tasmania (UTAS) Conversion program. UTAS offers the conversion degree if you’ve got the Diploma and are working their minimal hours/semester in the field requirement.”

53C Bachelor of Paramedic Practise. 10 units credit after graduating with an APC Diploma…need I say more. Again, a requirement is that you are already in the field.” – Nathan

Paramedic registration

In late 2018 a national registration scheme for Paramedics was introduced;

  • A Bachelor in Paramedic Science is now the entry-level qualification to work as an Ambulance Paramedic/Officer.
  • Paramedics (current and new) in Australia are required to register with the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (Paramedicine Board of Australia).
  • Paramedic registration is managed through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).
  • Only those who possess a recognised degree and have been officially registered can use the word ‘Paramedic’ to describe their job role.
  • Persons who possess a Diploma of Paramedical Science can apply for registration with the national scheme.

There is now a clear, regulated process to become an Ambulance Paramedic in Australia. You definitely need a degree and you must hold a valid registration number.

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