Welcome to the Australian Paramedical College

Whether you have recently finished school or are returning to study after some time away from academic life, just getting your head into a place where everything starts to make sense is so important.

As a new student of the Australian Paramedical College, we understand that this can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging. With this in mind, you’ll find many useful resources here on this page to help you find the information you need to confidently begin your learning journey.

New Students and Enrolling

Yes you can enrol online? Visit the easy enrolment section to enrol yourself into the courses of your choice and learn more about course financing options. We do recommend you visit this section if you are considering enrolling – it’s very helpful!

International Students

An increasing number of international students are choosing to enrol at the College because of the online learning options we offer. If you are considering enrolling, we welcome you to our online learning community where you will be encouraged to take part in various online discussions, groups and webinars – each designed for you to get the most out of each course.

The international students resource page will help you to uncover many more features and resources international students can access online, as well as information on how to attend the practical classes. You will also discover how to make the most of our student support services that have been specifically set up to assist our international students.

RPL and Credit Transfer

On occasion, there may be the opportunity for students to to reduce the number of units you are required to complete in any given course. In some cases this may shorten the time it takes to complete a program or course, or reduce the study load per term.

Student Online Orientation

Becoming familiar with how the college is structured is essential for all new students. Attending the online orientation provides a convenient and straightforward overview of the online resources and practical training campus facilities.

You will find a range of videos covering the basics of logging in and getting started, unit and study overviews, study planners and helpful advice to allow you to complete your course in a timely manner. Take the time to view it, it’s well worth it!

Study Plans – Keeping You On Track

Self-paced learning has many advantages because it allows you to choose when you want to study. Although, as we all know, this type of study brings its own particular set of challenges. Balancing work, family and social activities with a study regime needs a plan to help you reach your study goals.

To help our students keep on track, we employ a number of strategies and systems to help students plan and prepare their study calendar. We do this because, our goal is to see every student accomplish their goals – after all, a great amount of trust has been placed on us by every student, which is the driving force behind everything we do.

Carefully planning your course study program will assist you to stay on track and complete the course. The collection of resources found at study plans and calendars gives you the information you need to prepare for study including, trainer and help desk contacts, study schedules, and meeting assessment delivery dates.