Paramedical Diploma Student Interview – Marcella from Indonesia

Paramedical Diploma Student Interview – Marcella from Indonesia


An interview with APC student Marcella.


Marcella is a current APC student who is originally from Indonesia and is passionate about emergency medicine and infectious disease control.

The cultural diversity of students is a driving force behind the college, as we encourage students from all walks of life to realise their passion for helping others, no matter where they live in the world.

“Hi, I’m Marcella I’m originally from Indonesia and I’m residing in Townsville now.

“I’m doing the Diploma in Paramedicine (HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science), and I’ve been doing this course for about 10 months now.

“I find it’s very challenging but very fun at the same time. I’m a general medicine specialist in Indonesia. I actually continue my education at James Cook University to get public health and tropical medicine. But to get the job as an international medical graduate from Indonesia here in Australia, is so difficult.

“All my education background, it’s all about emergency medicine and about infectious disease. So I found that when I look at the website of Australian Paramedical College, I found that, that’s one of the alternative that can bring me up to the workforce, so I can still practice emergency medicine.

“When I was deciding to choose a college, I want a college that can provide me [with] qualifications, known qualifications in Australia, and to get me into the workforce quicker.

“If you have doubts or concern in deciding which pathway that you’re going to go through, you call APC staff and they will be very helpful. They will help you to decide the best pathway for you.

“If you’re passionate about helping people, head over to the Australian Paramedical College website to find out more.


At APC, we offer pathways to employment in the private sector as well as the opportunity to complete a paramedical degree at university (with credit points awarded by approved universities); or go to London and work as a Paramedic with Australian qualifications.

HLT31115 – Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport
HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care
HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science

Study online, (we have an app too) and attend clinical workshops in most states.

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