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Australian Paramedical College

As an Ambulance Paramedic, you’ll join the most respected professions in the world – where saving people’s lives relies on your expert clinical knowledge and decisive action.

Australian Paramedical College

Learn how to become an Event Medic/First Responder and work in your local community at sports and entertainment events.

Australian Paramedical College

Transport non-critical patients to and from their home, medical centres and hospitals. This is a rapidly-developing area of employment.

Australian Paramedical College Bachelor Paramedic Science

Discover the educational requirements and pathway to become a registered Ambulance Paramedic.

Australian Paramedical College

Earn big money in an industry sector where travel and high salaries are part of the job.

Australian Paramedical College become a paramedic

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Pre-hospital Emergency Health Care Jobs

Learn about the different types of careers you can develop in the private and State Ambulance sectors. Start off with becoming a Basic Life Support Medic, Event Medic, Patient Transport Officer, Emergency Response First Responder or Pre-hospital Emergency Health Care Specialist.

The Diploma of Paramedical Science delivered by APC is the highest level qualification to be gained in the private out-of-hospital emergency health care sector.

To gain the degree required to become an Ambulance Paramedic/Officer, the APC Diploma of Paramedical Science can set the foundation to step into university to study the Bachelor of Paramedic Science.

The following career choices are perfect if you are;

  • Curious about how to get a start in the health care sector and need more information
  • Currently working and wish to study in your own time and work towards a nationally recognised health care qualification.
  • Looking for a rewarding and satisfying career in emergency health care but can’t commit to university just yet.
  • Thinking if university studies is the best option.
  • Thinking of using a Diploma qualification to work overseas as a Paramedic (London Ambulance Service)
  • Looking for an easier entry into the pre-hospital emergency health care sector to discover if this is something you really want to do.
  • Ready to take on the responsibility of self-education to help you live a better life in the future.

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