Recognised Prior Learning

RPL and/or Credit Transfer – find out more

What is Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognised Prior Learning – do you qualify?

RPL is a method that has been approved throughout the Vocational Education & Training system in Australia.

The RPL process is quite simple as the assessment criteria focussing on your skills, life experiences and your skills, understanding and
experience in a particular field of work that has been attained throughout your life.

The benefits of RPL

  • Saves precious time getting your next qualification
  • Higher education (degree) credit exemptions
  • Saves money by only completing partial units of a qualification
  • No need to repeat what you have already learned
  • Validates learning gained through work and life experience
  • Identification of what training you need to do next
  • Efficient identification of ‘skills gaps’, allowing you to continue more focussed training
  • Meeting current industry & licensing requirements
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Increases your self-esteem and self-confidence; and
  • Assists with career development and education planning (continuous professional development)

How long does RPL take?

It really depends on you past work history and what types of courses you are wanting to enrol in. Matching the information you give to us could take as little as a day (if you’re all organised that is!). However, the good thing is the more work you do in gathering the information yourself, the quicker it will be.

We can help you get your experience recognised

If you’re thinking about transferring  your skills into paramedicine.
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