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Study Motivation: How To Stay Motivated While Studying

Study Motivation: How To Stay Motivated While Studying


Becoming a medic/paramedic is a noble thing. Studying can be tough though. Regular exams and in-depth assignments amongst work and busy life can really take a toll on a student’s motivation levels. At the Australian Paramedical College, we work hard to provide supportive, high-quality paramedical education and job ready skill training. We’ re always interested to hear what our students have to say and were thrilled to learn of this recent feedback from one of our students on the topic of motivation and it is our hope it may inspire you.


Here’s what our students have to say about their experience at the Australian Paramedical College…


I just have to say !!

After a few months of starting my diploma I lost all motivation – ready to give up and move on with my life as some pretty devastating things had taken place.

Butttttttt… I remembered what being a paramedic means to me. I remembered why I started this course in the first place and thinking about how good it’s going to be when I’m helping people who can’t help themselves.

I was pretty far behind on my studies but I’m happy to say I have gained all motivation back and am now 2 months ahead of where I should be!! For me personally that’s the best I’ve done (even in highschool 😂😂)

So if you ever feel like you can’t do this, just remember why you started in the first place.

It really does help !

I believe in you all!!


Our Top Tips for Staying Motivated while Studying:

If you find yourself struggling with motivation and study then read on and check out our top study motivation tips:


Study Motivation: How To Stay Motivated While Studying


1.   Break it down

A lot of material can become overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to cram it all a few nights before the due date. Break down your study material into little bits and focus on them daily.

You’ll be making progress and retaining information well. Not only that, you’ll perform well too!


2.   Study Groups

Paramedics work together to save lives. Begin practising this trait by forming a study group with your peers. It’s a great way to divide and conquer tough topics and get insight into alternative views. It’ll also increase responsibility because the group will constantly be a reminder that work needs to be done by a certain time and to a certain degree!

3. Take Practice Tests

Get in touch with your professors about study tests that you can practice on your own. These will help boost your confidence and performance, and getting feedback on your performance will help you better yourself. Besides, it’ll help you independently conquer the tough topics.

4.   Visual Guides

Visual learning is better retained than textbook material. Sticking up complex diagrams of the human anatomy, or associating human organs with rooms (Memory Palace learning) can help you retain information. Additionally, it’s a creative way to learn and you’ll love it!

5.   On-campus  Workshops

Healthcare schools are all about practice and practical skills. Be vigilant about attending any after-hour workshops, training or review classes to help bolster your performance.

It also gives you an opportunity to learn more!

6.  Remember Why You Started

Always remind yourself about why you wanted to be a paramedic. Remind yourself about the difference you will make and how rewarding this industry is.

With a career that feeds your soul and equips you with brilliant skills, there shouldn’t be a lack of motivation! Imagine yourself graduating with a certificate or diploma validating all of your hard work – it’s the start of a glorious career!


With these great tips to keep you motivated while studying, it’s time to head back to your books and chase your dreams!

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