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Woman Overcomes Family Tragedies To Become a Paramedic in QLD

Woman Overcomes Family Tragedies To Become a Paramedic in QLD
There are many motivating reasons to become a paramedic in QLD, none nobler than the desire to help others in need. Many are drawn to the dynamic work environment and the opportunity to put medical expertise to use in challenging situations. In Rebekah’s case, tragedy and triumph has driven her new dream to become a paramedic in QLD.
On Easter Friday in 2010, Rebekah was dropping her sister home after a family get-together. In a tragic turn of events, her sister (who had been drinking at the time) grabbed on to the back of the Ute and was pulled underneath the vehicle, sustaining serious injuries.
Moments later, an intensive care paramedic, who just happened to be on call, rushed to the scene and was able to perform a life-saving procedure to keep her sister alive. Despite having to learn to talk and walk all over again, her sister has been able to make a full recovery – thanks to the second chance given to her by the QLD paramedic.
At the time, Rebekah was certain she had lost her sister, but now as she looks back, she uses the experience to inspire her to pursue a career as a paramedic, giving others the same opportunity for a second chance at life.

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