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Sydney Train Station Paramedic Jobs

The Opportunity:  Safety Australia is collaborating with Sydney Trains to provide Paramedics and Registered Nurses the opportunity to work in a diverse and lively working environment to help facilitate the safe travel of the Sydney Train commuters. If you’ve got either your Degree or Diploma…

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Industrial Paramedic Jobs West Australia

Parabellum International have immediate opportunities for qualified Industrial Paramedics to join their team in the South-West Region of WA. If you possess your Diploma of Paramedical Science and other listed requirements, be sure to send them over a resume! Provide medical services to all workers on…

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South Walker Creek Paramedic Jobs

Safety Australia and Sydney Trains are working collaboratively on the Reliability Program to place paramedics on train stations to ensure the safe travel of their customers. If you’re a diploma qualified paramedic and passionate about the well-being of others, this might just be the perfect job…

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Paramedic Emergency Services Jobs NSW

Paramedic Emergency Services Jobs NSW BHP are looking for Paramedic Emergency Services Officers (ESOs) for a permanent residential position working a 5/5/4 days / nights roster. If you have your Diploma in Paramedical Science and other requirements, be sure to send them over a resume….

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A six month Paramedical Training Course that will equip you to save lives

The Incredible Value of Paramedics

Have you ever passed by the scene of a horrific accident with ambulances, firefighters, and of course those pesky tow-trucks circling the carnage? Have you thought to yourself, there is no way someone could survive that, and quietly said a prayer in hope for the best?

Maybe you have experienced a medical emergency in your own family, had it not been for the quick thinking, and swift actions of a paramedic the emergency could have easily become a tragedy.

One way or another most people know the incredible value of paramedics, especially those that can perform advanced life support procedures in order to keep seriously injured people alive.

Each day, there are people that have decided to enroll in a paramedic course. There they are able to learn the emergency medical training necessary to respond to the gravest of situations and keep the injured alive and successfully transport them to a hospital where they can receive further treatment.

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