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Patient Transport Officer South Melbourne

  Patient Transport Officer – South Melbourne Location South Melbourne Professional Working Environment Opportunity to give back to the Community Adult Retrieval Victoria (ARV) is part of Ambulance Victoria (AV) and provides state-wide clinical coordination, retrieval and critical care services, including Major Trauma transfers. ARV…

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Patient Transport Officer – SA Ambulance Service

SA Ambulance Service provides emergency medical assistance, treatment and transport, non-emergency transport and high-quality care to the people in South Australia. They are currently looking for Casual Patient Transport Officers in Adelaide Metro, which will will see you responsible for responding to requests for non-emergency care and transportation…

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Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport: What Does it Teach?

What is a Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport (HLT30212)?

The paramedic course known as a Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport is a foundational course for anyone interested in becoming an Ambulance Transport Officer (ATO), Patient Transport Officer (PTO) or Patient Transfer Attendant (PTA).

Overall, the Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport is designed to provide students with the basic paramedic training required to effectively transport and care for patients in non-urgent situations. In most cases the transport of the patient is pre-arranged or booked ahead of time. An example of this kind of transport is hospital-to-hospital transfer or transportation of an aged care resident to the hospital for a pre-arranged procedure.

Just because the nature of the transport is generally pre-arranged does not mean that emergency paramedic care may not be required. That is what the Certificate III in Non-Emergency Client Transport provides advanced first aid training as a core unit of the training involved.

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Paramedic Jobs in QLD: Standards for EMD & PTO Employees

Standards for EMD & PTO Paramedic Jobs in QLD
Do you want to know what it takes to land Emergency Medical Dispatcher & Patient Transport Officer paramedic jobs in QLD? Did you know that there are many paramedic career paths available within the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS)? Whether you have previous experience within the health services industry or no medical experience at all, there are several paramedic jobs in QLD for Emergency Medical Dispatcher & Patient Transfer Officer positions.
As you will discover, both positions require a unique set of training and education. As such, we have listed the minimum standard of education and training that is acceptable for both paramedic jobs in QLD, in particular the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS). This enables the QAS to provide a high level of paramedic service and quality emergency health care.

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