Top 10 Reasons To Become A Paramedic/medic

Why being an Australian Paramedic is so rewarding.

A career as a Paramedic or Basic Life Support Medic can be incredibly rewarding for compassionate, courageous and driven people who want to make a difference. With the help from our friends at the NSW Ambulance Service, we wanted to share the top 10 reasons why people become a Paramedic/Medic in Australia.

Just to be clear; to become an Ambulance Paramedic and attend to triple zero calls, you will need a Bachelor degree in Paramedic Science from a recognised university.

There are many other emergency health care jobs you can do without having to go to university for 3 years full-time. Private sector medics are still highly trained and possess equivalent skills to that of an ‘on-road’ Paramedic – albeit it, about 60% of the clinical scope of practice and slightly less for the pharmacology requirements.

Private sector medics can study the HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care and progress to the highest qualification before university; and this is the HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care. This qualification is recognised Australlia-wide, and is classed as Level 5 in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

What it means to be a Paramedic/medic

  1. Make a difference to your community
    Helping others is an experience like no other. And becoming a Paramedic will help you make a difference in your community every day!
  2. A fulfilling career
    There are so many incredible and rewarding career paths available to you as a Paramedic. Here are just a few: Patient Transport Officer, Emergency Medical Technician, Ambulance officer, Industrial medic, Ambulance attendant or Medic/Paramedic. You could even specialise in aeromedical paramedics or disaster management – it truly is a diverse career path!
  3. Multiple career pathways
    The idea that you need to spend tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars and precious years of your life studying at a university is just not accurate when it comes to paramedical studies. In fact, with the growing demand for paramedics/medics in the pre-hospital industry and the increasing number of paramedic opportunities and job roles are massive.
  4. Enjoy a Great Lifestyle
    Many jobs in the health care industry can be based on a shift roster. Typically Paramedics work on a 38 hour rotating shift, which allows you a great work/life balance with heaps of diversity.
  5. Earn as you Learn
    By choosing a vocational style of learning, you can fit your study around your lifestyle (not the other way around)! As well as creating a future for yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to continue in your current job and earn as you learn. Qualifications in pre-hospital emergency care like our HLT41115-Certificate IV in Health Care and the HLT51015-Diploma of Paramedical Science means that you’ll be well prepared to take on the many job roles available in the private sector.
  6. You’re Part of a Team for Life
    The Ambulance Service and Emergency Response sector is like one big family who are always there for each other. As a Paramedic/Medic or perhaps a Patient Transport Officer, you will experience some life changing moments with your colleagues. The bond you share will create lifelong friendships and mutual respect.
  7. You Never Stop Learning
    All Paramedics are passionate about ensuring their skills are up to scratch at all times. As the industry evolves, you will be presented with new opportunities to further develop your skills. This means that the door to new career pathways will always be open.
  8. Constant support
    The job of a Paramedic is certainly not your typical 9-5. The view from your office will change hourly. You’ll get to travel and discover new places you’ve never seen before (even if it’s in your local community). You may be exposed to highly emotional and confronting scenes, but the constant support network and your training means that you’ll be well prepared.
  9. A lifetime of fun
    Being a Paramedic isn’t just a job – it’s a lifestyle. There are so many different career paths you can take as a Paramedic that give you a great work/life balance. For example: industrial Paramedic, Emergency Services, Search and Rescue Paramedic, training and assessing, Advanced Life Support, Acute Care Paramedic, Team Leader, Expedition Paramedic and so much more!
  10. Friends for life
    Given the type of work you do, you will inevitably form very close relationships with the people you work with. You will forever be part of a life-changing team, with friendships that won’t end when the shift ends – they will last a lifetime!

APC paramedical training course. Patient ambulance scenario

Do you have what it takes to become a Paramedic/medic?

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Thanks to NSW Ambulance Service for the inspiration for this article.

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10 reasons to become a paramedic

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