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What is an Emergency Services Officer (ESO)?


What is an Emergency Services Officer (ESO)?

A Medical Emergency Services Officer is typically responsible for Medical and sometimes Fire rescue on large mine sites. The mining industry is prone to both minor and major injuries and as a result, most mine sites will have on-site Medics to assist in medical treatment and basic life support.

This is a popular career path for those who want to help people and provide medical care. It is an alternative to becoming a Paramedic as both jobs have similar technical skill sets.

While employee structure’s may change from company to company, in the video above, Nathan Seidel is on the OH&S team and reports directly to the Safety Manager. The Billabong Gold Mine has a large medical centre, two ambulances and other response vehicles.

What are the tasks of an ESO?

This will change from site to site depending on your qualifications and the size of your team.

Tasks may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Injury management. Including paperwork, liaising with patients, physios, doctors and Human Resources department.
  • Undertaking random drug and alcohol testing, an essential component of WHS on a mine site.
  • Providing medical clearances to potential employees and return to work employees.
  • Administering flu vaccinations.
  • Fever temperature checks.
  • Responding to minor or major on-site injuries and providing medical care.
  • In extreme situations administer basic life support.
  • Mental health assessments and recommendations.
  • Respond to vehicle accidents.

How much does an ESO make?

It’s no secret that working in the Mines in Australia usually has attractive salaries. A medic in the mines can earn from $80,000-$150,000 and sometimes even more depending on experience, overtime and additional allowances.

This job can sometimes have other titles such as:

  • Medical Emergency Services Officer
  • Mine Site Medic
  • Industrial Medic
  • Underground Medic
  • Mine Rescue Medic
  • Emergency Response Coordinator

How do I become an ESO?

Click here to read our blog on how to become an ESO which includes which qualifications and experience you need to get started as a Medic in the Mines.

Typically the minimum requirement is the Certificate IV in Health Care, however having the Diploma of Emergency Health Care is a major advantage when applying for ESO roles.

Does this career path interest you? Are you drawn to a career as a Medic or ESO? Get in touch with us today!

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