Why Should You Become a Medic/Paramedic?

People tell us their reasons in their own words

I want a career that makes a difference

“Job satisfaction. The feeling of doing something important. Being able to assist/help people who are in discomfort. The possibilities and I was accepted into the Australian Army as a combat medic. Unfortunately a health issue came up during medical examination. So I decided not to wait the two years for my life to start but to pursue this career outside of the army. I want a career that makes a difference.”

Make the change and be good at it

“Study is not a problem. I started nursing when I was 26 and I had to study and work full time to meet my commitments. I have a job that’s flexible and its not hard doing a job you love – it’s just a redirection of what I love. I’ve had a lot of paramedics say you should make the change and you would be good at it; and I want a new challenge.”

Being a part of such a rewarding industry

“Paramedical science interests me as I am passionate about the industry. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and believe that studying paramedical science can result in me becoming a paramedic and being a part of such a rewarding industry. It is my goal to work within an industry where I can help others; and my passion for the industry.”

It’s now or never!

“The excitement of heading out into the field not knowing what to expect would be the best part, there is no telling what you may come across as no day or patient is the same. The driving force behind this is the thought of studying again is daunting, but the thought of not doing what I love is even worse. I admire the hard work and determination paramedics put in on a daily basis to ensure the health and well-being of complete strangers. It’s now or never.”

Helping others

“Helping others, putting it off for so long and finding this course”.

I’m ready to study again

“I’ve always been great in emergency situations, cool, calm, collective and efficient and I’d love to put that to good use. I have always dreamed of being a combat paramedic with the Australian Defence Force. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and today was the day to take that step. I’m ready to study again.”

I am passionate about this course

“I have been working in the health care field for nearly 10 years. I have also completed studies in aged care, disability, alcohol, other drugs and mental health. I currently work as a mental health outreach worker with a mental health organisation and at the same time working in a rehabilitation clinic. I have done two semesters of study in the bachelor of nursing at USQ via correspondent. I didn’t enjoy the course . I have now decided to do the Diploma of Paramedical Science at APC and thereafter will proceed to university to complete a degree in paramedics. I am passionate about this course and set goals to attain them. Love and passion for the profession”.

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Nothing short of amazing

“I want to be able to help people and the satisfaction of knowing I can help people; and my baby has needed an ambulance twice in the last three days. The paramedics that have attended have been nothing short of amazing. ‘

I’m passionate about learning new skills and taking the next step and flexibility of training and be busy at work.”

“Learning about the human body and wanting to become a paramedic and helping others“.

“Knowing that I’m contributing to a community and making a difference and helping people.”

“All the equipment, skills and knowledge that I’ll need to know to become a paramedic and I have been looking on this website for quite some time but I was not sure what I was going to do.”

I love to help people

“The journey and chance to fulfill my dream of learning how to handle a variety of scenarios and eventually qualifying as a paramedic. Helping those in need and to become a paramedic is my dream career. I love to help people and have always been interested in medicine.”

“Working with the public and helping those in need – I realised I can do it too!”

Fast paced and challenging

“The ability to work in an environment that is fast paced and challenging and is never the same; and I want to get a move on with following my dreams.”

I have wanted to be a paramedic for years

“I would like to become a Paramedic as I love to help people, I would also like to volunteer. I am enrolled to do nursing starting July but I hadn’t realised I could do this course until I searched on the internet today, plus I have wanted to be a paramedic for years but have had children first’

I made the leap to enrol today

“I have always found paramedical science to be exciting and interesting. That definitely has something to do with the on going influx of new information you can learn. I recently discovered that I strongly enjoy helping others which was a huge reason why I made the leap to enrol today.”

Working with people of all walks of life

Expanding my knowledge in nursing and working with people of all walks of life; and help and others and the experience in itself would benefit me and my large family of 7 who live in remote Queensland. I think being the the first responder would give me a massive insight to what it is like to make a change in response times in my rural area.”

Having the ability to help others and job satisfaction of helping others and working in a healthy team environment.”

Finding a job that feeds my soul

Being able to help people in need in a urgent time and save someone’s life and finding a job that feeds my soul and makes me happy and get closer to who really I like to be and spend my life doing.’

Knowing I have helped someone in their moment of need

“Every day offers a different challenge and learning something different. Knowing I have helped someone in their moment of need and I want a career change – plus wanting to finally achieve my dream of becoming a paramedic.”

Every day is different and you’re out and about helping people and my wife just finished a degree in nurse.”

“I’ve been considering becoming a paramedic for quite some time and I’m excited to finally make the decision to go to the next step.

I am mostly excited for the rewarding nature of the career and I’m looking for related qualifications and work prior to studying a Bachelor degree next year.”

“Helping people in need and finally believing I can do it

“The opportunity to start a career in a field I have great interest in and to become a Paramedic with Ambulance NSW.”

“Knowing I can help people who are in need and help those in a emergency situation. Plus I come from a medical family. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

“Being able to help people and knowing I can make a difference – plus, I am in the process of becoming a volunteer ambo.”

Finally decided to do something about it

“Being a step closer to becoming a paramedic and I finally decided to do something about it.”

“To be able to further my knowledge and work at my dream career, I’m ready to take the next step in my career.”

“The chance to help others and it’s a life long dream and achievement of life goals.”

“Career development helping others in the community and a job I am passionate about; and following what I would like to do in my life.”

A genuine interest to learn more

“The knowledge of how individual systems of the body work individually and together and genuine interest to learn more about anatomy and physiology that would allow me to use these skills in everyday situations.”

I am excited to get into the industry

“Being first on hand to help people. It is something I have had my mind set on for a long time now and I am excited to get into the industry. I am ready to undergo my studying to become a paramedic and work in the armed forces.”

It’s better to get in early than late

“What excites me the most is that I will get to do what I love. I love to help people, I just want to make people happier. The driving force is that I have one term left of my year 12 schooling and figured it’s better to get in early than late.”

Knowing that I will be able to save lives and help make a difference. Also be able to work towards something that I am really passionate about,”

My friend just completed her nursing degree and got into this course and she knew how badly I wanted to enrol, so she helped me get to this point so I could finally begin.”

To follow my dream of becoming a paramedic

“Gaining knowledge in the health science field to further build my knowledge in the area and allow me to follow my dream of becoming a paramedic. The thought of completing the course and being able to begin studying further or employment within the field that I love.”

Ive always been for helping others

I’ve always been for helping others and my career pathways are either paramedical science or firefighter. Ideally after finishing high school, I wanted to undertake paramedical science but I didn’t have the grades, now I’m looking at doing a Diploma and from that, joining the army in combat paramedics.’

“All of it. I like the high energy of emergencies and helping others and seizing the day.”

If it wasn’t for the paramedics…

“To learn how to help people and the driving force behind this is, I was in a car accident a few years ago and if it wasn’t for the paramedics that came to assist, who knows if I’d still be alive today.”

A passion for paramedical science

I have always wanted to be a paramedic, I have a passion for paramedical science; and today is the day, I have realised I am in a stable place in life and would like to study.”

“Medical skills and knowledge and I’ve always wanted to study paramedics and finally found the appropriate pathway.”

“The end result of being qualified. Years ago I turned down an offer of university. I have since had kids and now looking at a career”.

Giving people the best possible chance at life

Making a difference in the community and giving people the best possible chance at life and being a part of the mines emergency response time at my current job and wanting to be more involved with the medic side of the job.”

I feel I need to do more

I’m excited about being able to make a difference when it matters most and reason for this is I have come to a point in my life when I feel I need to do more than just work for myself”.

“Further job progression and increased skills base – don’t leave until tomorrow what you can do today “.

The job opportunities and the possibility of making a significant difference and the driving force behind this is I love to provide help when needed.”

Make a difference in people’s lives

“Really being able to make a difference in people’s lives and help them when it’s most needed. Have been wanting to study paramedicine for years and have had a recent motorcycle accident in the family which prompted me to start my dream.”

This is the best option I have seen so far

Helping people and learning new things everyday and I’ve been researching which path to choose to become a paramedic this is the best option I have seen so far.”

It’s a very self-satisfying career

“I think it’s a very self-satisfying career that is expected to expand with job opportunities over the next few years I have had a look at a few entry pathways to gaining my degree; and I hope this option is the most time efficient way to securing a degree.”

Making a difference in the community

Making a difference in the community and wanting to progress in a career I am interested. I was a medic in the RAAF, and had an opportunity to work with paramedics where I live.”

Having the knowledge to help those who have been injured or even worse. I have been looking for a way to getting into Paramedical Science since I left high school with a bad ATAR.”

Always wanted to help people.

Studying paramedical science excites me because I have always wanted to be a paramedic and always wanted to help people. I am thoroughly interested in learning about the body and how to deal with certain situations when they occur. The driving force behind this is I want to study paramedical science to become a paramedic and I believe this course is one that interests me”.

Excited about studying because of the challenge, I want to further my career in the health industry”.