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“Do you feel this might be your calling”

Have you always had the feeling that you were meant to do something meaningful with your life? Does the thought of working in an industry that is dedicated to helping people make you feel you really want this career for yourself?

The common traits of a Paramedic/Medic are ones of selflessness and absolute dedication to helping others, to make a difference and give something back to the community.

When we speak with Paramedics out in the field, they often tell they can’t imagine themselves doing another job. Is this how you feel right now?

“A plan for life”

Are you ready to change your life forever, to act differently in the future, to shed the old you and make the promise to yourself to create a life of self-responsibility and purpose?

We know you have big dreams and aspirations to do help others and achieve great things in life and we can create a career plan for you to follow. This plan will reveal which area of emergency health you are suited to, how to get started and where the jobs are close to where you live.

Paramedic Career Development Plan - Start Here

“Well-respected qualifications”

As a graduate of the College, you’ll be proud to have attained well-respected and Nationally recognised paramedical qualifications which have been endorsed by the Australian government.

At the highest level of qualification (HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science) your career choices are endless. Our recent graduates have been employed by London Ambulance Service as well as some of Australia’s largest mining companies and private paramedic service providers. These opportunities are waiting for you to tap into.

“How we’ll get you there”

APC are the largest private Paramedic training College in Australia and as a student you have complete access to all our resources. You will achieve great things and feel supported throughout your learning journey by a large team of trainers, educators, clinical staff, learning support staff, your student success team and of course hundreds of other students and past graduates who take great pride in helping you along.

Your passion and enthusiasm and sheer determination means  you are already on the way to achieving your goal to work as a Paramedic. It’s no accident you have a strong calling to do this line of work.

There is no limit to the help, encouragement, assistance and support you’ll enjoy as a student here with us.

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Paramedic Career Development Plan - Start Here