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Which universities give credit for the Paramedical Diploma?

Diploma of Paramedical Science degree pathway?

The HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science offers a potential pathway into university to study the Bachelor of Paramedic Science. All universities are different so ensure you check with your chosen university for credit towards the degree.

Educational pathways via the Australian Quality Framework

The Australian Quality Framework (AQF) is the framework for regulated qualifications within Australian education and training. It clearly defines the different levels of qualifications and how they provide progression and access to higher education.

The HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science is a Level 5 AQF qualification. A degree is classified as Level 7.

The objectives of the AQF are;

  • to assist people to move easily and readily between different education and training sectors
  • to support lifelong learning goals; and
  • providing the basis for individuals to progress through education and training and gain recognition for their prior learning and experiences.

An example of this would be progressing from a Diploma of Paramedical Science to a Bachelor of Paramedic Science.

Lifelong learning

The AQF Qualifications Pathways Policy builds into the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) the capacity to genuinely support students’ lifelong learning by;

  • enhancing student progression into and between AQF qualifications (diploma to degree) by creating flexible qualification pathways
  • supporting the development of pathways in qualifications design (allows a linear process of learning)
  • facilitating credit for entry into, as well as credit towards AQF qualifications (diploma to degree), and
  • eliminating unfair or unnecessary barriers to AQF qualifications. (universities who fail to recognise diploma qualifications as a pathway into the degree)

APC Diploma graduates have previously been credited for multiple subjects within their degree. This often shortens the length of their degree while allowing them to work in the health care industry while they study

The subjects credited differ depending on the courses offered within the degree per university. This can be subject to change as some universities have different entry requirements. We recommend you check with your chosen university.

The below universities offer the Bachelor of Paramedic Science:

Here’s some updated information on university pathways:

How much does a Bachelor of Paramedic Science cost?

How many uni credits does the Diploma get you?

>Not everyone who studies the Diploma of Paramedical Science with APC has the intention of becoming a registered Ambulance Paramedic.

Some of our graduates are now working as a Paramedic in the UK with the London Ambulance Service

How I became a Paramedic in London – APC graduate tells his amazing story

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